This four station restroom trailer has 2 options.  You can choose from a 2 entrance, 4-stall with 2 restrooms on the women's side and 2 on the men's,  or trailer with 4 private entrances.  The new décor features simulated wood flooring, a large mirror and spacious floor design.  It is a refreshing atmosphere away from the noise and crowds. .


  • Heating and air conditioning
  • Hot and cold running water
  • Simulated wood flooring
  • Ducted air conditioning with heat strip
  • On-board water capacity for remote locations where
  • water is not available
  • Arctic package for cold weather applications


  • Height: 10′ 6″
  • Overall length: 12′
  • Width: 7′ 10″
  • Holding capacity: 450 gallons which is good for 1350 uses before needing service

  • Number of Guests 6 Hour Event: 350
  • Number of Uses: 1350
  • Heat and Air: Yes
  • Cold Weather Package: Yes
  • Style: Luxury

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